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Rivkin Haag


   Dissertationsprojekt Chinwendu Udoka Uzodike


Uzodike, Chinwendu Udoka. Woman in Africa: A Study of Anglophone African Novels.

In recent times African women have been presented in the media and in various forms of information disseminating organs as having never played a dominant role in fashioning and modelling African societies. A historical recall however exposes obvious misrepresentations in portraying traditional African women as subjugate weaklings trapped in polygamous marriages and legally incapacitated to make valuable contributions to their societies. By means of novels by Anglophone African writers this dissertation traces the transformation of the images of women and their roles in the African society before and after colonisation, religious conquest and Western invasion which all led to the suppression of women and to a loss of their traditional roles. Furthermore it analyses and compares the notions of ‘gender equity’ used by African womanists and ‘gender equality’ used by Western feminists and draws attention to the activities of NGO’s in selected Anglophone countries to create awareness and solutions to women problems. This work addresses all students and lecturers of English literature, African and Women Studies, companies implementing diversity programmes and all those who today seek a lasting and mutually beneficial change in the relations between the sexes as well as their respective roles in our society.



daheim | Ahmann | Crnkovic | Fischer | Rivkin Haag | Uzodike | Ugwuowo | Weikl

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